About Us - Kremers Urban

Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a specialty generic pharmaceutical company with a portfolio of products that are either difficult to formulate or utilize specialized delivery technologies.

The Company focuses on providing a wide array of generic pharmaceuticals particularly those products with difficult-to-produce or limited-supply API or finished goods formulations, dedicated containment facilities, or Paragraph IV challenges and biosimilar products. It is a strategy that is achieved through a combination of internal development and strategic partnerships.

The history of Kremers Urban dates back more than a century. It was acquired by Schwarz Pharma Manufacturing, Inc. in the mid-90s before Schwarz Pharma Manufacturing, Inc. was acquired by UCB in 2006 and acquired by Lannett in 2015.

Kremers Urban has made impressive strides since it embarked on its own, with the rapid development of its product portfolio. With its trusted name and its extensive experience in manufacturing and marketing complex products, Kremers Urban is uniquely qualified to overcome the complications of market entry and solve the puzzle of specialty generic pharmaceuticals.